Customized content for business owners, landlords, tenants, and employees
to support the implementation of successful recycling programs.

RecycLA University is a 7-part webinar series, meant to help businesses and multi-family dwellings optimize their recycling, organics, and waste collection services. Developed in collaboration with the City of Los Angeles and the recycLA Service Providers, this series provides essential information to waste generators on how to effectively manage resources and successfully divert their waste through reduction, reuse, and recycling programs. recycLA University webinars can be found at


* Be sure to choose Athens Services as your recycLA hauler zone.

Webinars Include:

  • What is the recycLA Removing Barriers to Recycling Program and how can it help my business or multifamily complex?
  • Recycling Simplified: Simple as 1-2-3
  • Out-of-the-Box Office Recycling Programs
  • Dishing up a Food Service Recycling Program that Gets an “A” Grade
  • Tenants in Action: Tackling Multi-Family Recycling
  • From Beds to Breakfast: How Hospitality Businesses can Clean up on Recycling
  • Retail and Warehouse Operations were Meant for Recycling BIG!

recycLA x Athens Academy Event Series

Looking for informational, quick, educational videos? Want to reduce waste and encourage best practices? Look no further than Athens Services’ YouTube channel! There’s something for everyone – from zero waste tips for your home or office to a step-by-step guide on starting a worm bin. These videos are a great resource for businesses and apartments looking to improve recycling, start organics collection, or reduce waste in landfills. Our YouTube channel also offers a behind-the-scenes look at our recycling and compost facilities.

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