To do our part to reduce Los Angeles’ smog and pollution, and to serve the community while leaving the lowest possible environmental footprint, Athens Services has introduced over 100 new, near-zero emissions CNG vehicles to our recycLA fleet in the City of Los Angeles. This ultra-clean fleet reduces greenhouse gas and NOx emissions equivalent to 24,600 cars.

Diesel fueled trucks are the #1 source of harmful emissions contributing to air quality issues in Southern California, and can lead to significant health problems like heart disease, asthma, lung cancer and premature death. Our trucks contain the cleanest available heavy truck engines in the world – 90% cleaner than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s strictest emissions standard.
Athens has also constructed an additional onsite CNG station to help fuel the new near-zero emissions fleet. The new station allows our drivers to fuel trucks efficiently at our facility, and eliminates the need to take vehicles to other fueling stations (which can be miles away).
To learn more about Athens’ near-zero emissions vehicles, read our fact sheet.